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Zman Ver2.2 f2 (NEW) Impedance Analysis Software


*         FEATURE

*  Model simulation and fitting

*  2D- and 3D-Bode- and Nyquist plots

*  Automatic equivalent circuit model search function

*  Project Concept to handle multiple EIS data analysis

*  Parameter Plot from fitted elements value

*  Compatible with data format from Zahner, Gamry, Ametek etc (needs License code)

*  Various weighting algorithm

*  Model library and user model

*  KK plot

*  Batch fitting for project data

*  Impedance parameter Simulation


*         What’s NEW in ver 2.2 f2

*   R,C R,L R,Q preview & graphic

*   ZHIT function

*   Mott-schottky analysis

*   Donor Density vs Vfb graph

*   C vs voltage graph

*         What’s NEW in ver2.2

*   Interpolate Bad data

*   Black-Nichols Plot

*   3D graph setting option

*   Improved Model editor

*   Application Model library for automatic searching

*   Parameter Simulation of model

*   Genetic algorithm option for initial guessing

*   Automatic initial guessing

*   Trace movie function on fitting

*         What’s NEW in ver2.1

*   Free for WonATech’s data format(*.wdf, *.wis) analysis (No license code required)

*   Circle fitting

*   Data Editing available (Insert, Delete, Edit)

*   Add/Subtract Element Parameters

*   Add/Subtract Model Parameters

*   Impedance,Z in polar,Admittance,Y in Polar, Modulus, M in polar, Dielectric Constant,
E in polar. Data display

*   Empty cell capacitance calculation

*   Find File Function

*   Data replacement by formula function

*   Cursor data display

*   Model finding result automatic sorting by Chi square value


*         Parallel/Serial R,C,L display

*  a) R,C in R||C (parallel connection)


a-1) Data display

a-2) graphic


*  b) R,C in R-C(serial connection)

b-1) Data display

b-2) graphic


*  c) R,L in R-L   

c-1) Data display

c-2) graphic


*  d) R,Q in R-Q

d-1) Data display

d-2) graphic


*         Z-HIT

Before(left) & after ZHIT(right)


*         Mott-Schottky Analysis

Mott-Schottky Analysis window

Donor density vs. Vfb graph and analysis

C/R-V graph                                                     


Cp vs voltage graph(parallel capacitance)     Cs vs voltage graph (serial capacitance)


*         Parameter Simulation(Ver2.2)


*         Circular fitting(Ver2.2)


*         Element Add/Subtraction(Ver2.2)


*         Model finding result automatic sorting by Chi square value(Ver2.2)


*         Cursor data display(Ver2.2)


*         Find item menu


*         Data replacement by formula function


*         Empty cell capacitance calculation (Ver2.2)


*         Importing 3rd parties ASCII Data file(Needs License Code) (Ver2.2)


*         Project Manager/Data preview


*         Plots

*  2D Nyquist Plot


 2D Nyquist plot setting               2D Nyquist plot


*  2D Bode Plot


2D Bode plot setting                  2D Bode Plot


2D plot setting


*  3D Plots

3D Nyquist plot setting            3D Bode plot setting              3D admittance plot setting

3D plot setting


*         Analysis

*  Modeling & fitting


Model Editor(Ver2.2)                Model Library

LEVM Fitting (Ver2.2)                     

Fitting display(Ver2.2)

KK consistency(Ver2.2)                               


*  2D parameter Plot

Parameter plot setting                   Parameter Plot

         3D Plot

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