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WPG Software

This system provide pre-defined techniques menu and universal test procedure menu for user to make their own experiment procedure with cycle, loop and and/or logic


*  Predefined Technique Menu


*   Electroanalytical techniques

*  Cyclic voltammetry

*  Linear Sweep Voltammetry

*  Chrono-amperometry

*  Chrono-coulometry

*  Chrono-potentiometry

*  Square wave Voltammetry


*   Corrosion Measurement

*  Tafel Plot

*  Potentiodynamic

*  Potentiostatic

*  Galvanodynamic

*  Galvanostatic

*  Cyclic polarization

*  Ecorr vs. Time

*  Linear polarization Resistance

*  Rp/Ec trend

*  Galvanic corrosion(Aux option needed)


*  Universal Test Mode

*  Electrochemical Voltage Spectroscopy (EVS)

*  Galvanic Intermittent time technique (GITT)

*  Battery Cycling

*  User definable Techniques

*  Potentiostat Mode/ Cycler Mode

*  Universal test mode

*  Unlimited step experiment available

*  Control type: voltage, current, power, load, rest, C-rate, current scan, voltage scan, conditioning potential, voltage step, current step, rest conditioning, Last I, Last V, OCV, LastVscan, VocScan, ZRA.

*  Cut-Off (Vertex); time, voltage, current, dV/dt, dI/dt, percentage capacity (FCC, FCD, LCC, LCD), cycle time, capacity, -dV, power, temperature, Aux voltage, Calc voltage, dT/dt

*  Data acquisition setting: time, dV/dt, dI/dt, dT/dt, dV2/dt

*  And/Or logic available in cut-off condition


*  Virtual control panel


*  In virtual control panel, it displays real time graphics (V vs. I, V & I vs. time, V vs. logI etc) to fit its own techniques. It also displays current data and other information of current experiment

*  Experiment parameters can be saved or loaded on the virtual control panel.

*  On experiment running, users can data analysis or other tasking simultaneously.

*  Nominate data saving folder by user selection

*  Cell connection check function.


*  Safety limit & Fail check function.

*  To protect hardware, this system stop the experiment run automatically when detect the any value over hardware specification or user defined safety value

*  It also stop the experiment running when the control value is different from measured value by wrong connection or abnormal reference electrode etc

*  If the user try to close the program by mistake operation, the program refuse this operation

*  This system monitor the cell voltage and if the voltage value is too small, then warning message will be display to protect wrong cell connection


*  Graphics

*  Universal Graphic function: User can set X, Y, Y1 axis variable

*  User can use this function for running experiment data at real time.

*  With re-load button click, the data format can be changed without data loading


*  File overlay: Max. 10 files

*  Automatic scaling and manual scale/polarity setting available

*  Crosshair data pointing displays the data value by mouse click

*  Caption available on the graph

*  Copy to clip board for graphic data.

*  Slope calculation function

*  Grid and pixel/line selection

*  Data conversion only for graph data