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Potentiostat/Galvanostat WPG100HP

High Power Type Potentiostat/Galvanostat WPG100HP


    High power application


    Battery pest

    FueCeltest (DMFC etc)

    Photo electrochemistry

    Pilot line application

    System hardware is based on WPG series potentiostat/galvanostat. Customize specification is available within 4KWatt. Current ranges are 3 ranges or one range based on power.



      For long term experiment

      Accurate Control & Measurement

      Easy to control Software

      Free Software upgrade

      Importing/Exporting data file



       With 16bit ADC, DAC, this system provides 0.0015% f.s high resolution in control and data acquisition.

       3 or 1 current ranges (Automatic & manual setting)

       User specification is available

       Output terminal: V-out & I-out analog signal for XY recorder & External In for FRA interface(option)

      High accuracy: < 0.1~1% f.s (depending on power)

      Automatic protection: This system automatically stops the experiment if it meets data over hardware specification.

       This system can be used for battery cycler

       LAN communication



      Temperature measurement

      Auxiliary voltage measurement


   Inquiry: sales@wonatech.com


For higher power or lower current

*       Standard power WPG100e

*       Mid power type WPG100HPS

*       Mid power type WPG100HPM


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