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Since its establishment in 1991, WonATech has concentrated its efforts in the development of products related to electrochemical application.  Steadily supplying products in experimental research fields and industrial sites, we have been playing a leading role in this field of business.   
With the constant effort to achieve excellent quality and competitive edge of our products, we have been designing high value added system equipments as follows; 

1)      Potentiostat/Galvanostat
- Single and
Multichannel  Potentiostat/Galvanostat
Portable Potentiostat
- W/Relevant Software 

2)      Battery Cycler System
- For Primary & Secondary Batteries
- For Super capacitors
- W/Relevant Software

3)      Fuel Cell Test Station
- Variable Fuel Cell Supports; PEM, DMFC,SOFC etc.
- Fuel Cell Electronic Loads
- W/Relevant Software 

4)      EIS System
- Single and
Multichannel  electrochemical workstations
Portable Electrochemical workstation

5)      Impedance Monitor

6)      Cell & Accessories 

To fulfill customer¡¯s specific needs, we also provide flexible solution to meet their requirement with customized instruments.  With base of past 16 year sales and marketing know-how, we are providing our products not only to local customers but also to foreign customers by strategic alliance with the specialized companies in each country.   We hope that we satisfy your continued interest and support in the future. 

*  Facilities

Complete 11,000 square foot facilities including manufacturing with clean room facility, test and demonstration lab etc.

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