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High Power Multichannel Potentiostat/Galvanostat WMPG1000HP


*         Application


*   High Power application

*   Electrosynthesis/Electrolysis

*   Battery Test

*   Fuel Cell test (DMFC etc)

*   Solar Cell Test

*   For multichannel application

*   Pilot line application



System hardware is based on WMPG series potentiostat/galvanostat for high power application. Customize specification is available within 4KWatt.

Current range is 3 ranges.


*         Feature


*  For stable and accurate target

*   4 kelvin probe type true potentiostat/galvanostat circuit to minimize voltage drop

*   High resolution 16 bit ADC/DAC: WMPG1000HP provides 0.0015% f.s resolution in control and acquisition both.

*   Channel isolation: To prevent any noise from the other channel, each channel is designed for isolation.

*   Multiple current ranges: 3 ranges or one range depending on channel power. Auto/manual selection


*  For easy expansion/maintenance target

*   8 channels CCU(Central Control Unit) & Slave configuration. Each Slave channels are easily upgradeable or modifying voltage/current range. Also if one channel is out of order, Just replacement is easiest way to clear the problem. Upgrade itself is very easy. It can configure each channels with different specification by userís application

*   WMPG1000HP can expand the channels up to 128channels per system. When the user wants to expand the channels, he/she just adds the Slaves or 2ch/4ch module. One of modular systemís advantages is maintenance. Each Slave has its own power supply.



*         Option

*  Temperature monitoring.

*  Auxiliary Voltage Monitoring


*         Inquiry: sales@wonatech.com

For lower current

*       Low current type WMPG1000L(Max. current: 10(100)mA)

*       Standard type type WMPG1000S(Max. current: 5A)

*       Mid power type WMPG1000M1(Max 100Watt/channel)

*       Mid power type WMPG1000M2(Max 200Watt/channel)

*       Mid power type WMPG1000Dual(Max 400Watt/channel)

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