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WFTS Software


*         FEATURES


*   Quick and Easy Test Configuration

*   Real-Time Graphic Data Output

*   User Friendly Graphical User Interface

*   Continuous Data Logging

*   Background server program

*   Independent Data Managing software

*   Button click & play mode

*   VOI (Value of Interest) Displaying selection

*   Colorful display of each module status



Dedicated SMART software will be used to operate the testing system. This stable software consists of server program to communicate with system, main program to control & data acquisition and data managing program for analysis. Also this can support Max. 4 channels independently and simultaneously even if they have different configurations.


Automatic control and data acquisition is conducted through pre-programmed single or group schedules in the software.


Safety limit setting for each device can give safe operation with software emergency button.

Operator can do experiments easier by GUI based button click & play mode and monitor each status by color distinguishing icon button for each device and its setting value and reading value.


Value of Interest display makes operator monitor 3 of user selected reading values and 3 of fixed values (Load control value, reading current value and voltage value) as large digit.


Based on Windows 2000/XP platform, the software emphasizes on friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Access for data collection and presentation.


The real-time graphing portion of SMART Software allows users to plot any number of variables versus any single variable or time. This feature is useful for developing real-time polarization curves or tracking cell performance across temperature ranges. Independent data managing software gives the various graphing, charting options and reporting.


*         Main Program


*  Control Panel (Max 4channel controllable)

Each channelís control panel has different background color to prevent channel wrong-operation.

User friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) basis control panel


*  Device value display

Setting value & reading value or reading value only by each deviceís properties.

*  Button click operation††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

User can operate each device just by clicking each icon button

*   Direct Control; Solenoid valve, 3 Way valve, Heater Power on/off, Emergency stop

Eg.) Solenoid valve click=> valve open (solenoid valve & MFC valve) => gas flow => color change (status display)

*  Indirect Control: Each devices to be controlled by setting parameters.(Temperature controller, MFC, pump, Load, Humidifier)

Eg.) Anode input line temperature controller click => parameter setting windows => Apply

*  Displaying related information: Stackís temperature monitor, pressure monitor etc.

†††††††† (Safety limit setting available)


*  Device Icon button color change by status

††† Each of device iconís color changes following running or idle status. (running=> colorful, idle => grey). This feature makes operator able to monitor each deviceís status at a glance.



*  VOI (Value of Interest)

Fixed value (3), Userís value (3)



*  Cell or Stack information

설명: StackInfo

Stack voltage/temperature monitoring


*  Stack Monitor

*   Safety Limit setting for voltage and/or temperature

*   Display Highest value/Lowest value during operation

*   Display average value

*   Stack standby voltage detection setting for safety operation

*   Back ground bar graph for each cell voltage & temperature with color.


*         Schedule and batch file

*   Schedule file


*   Batch File

Batch file is a series of schedule files.


*  Creating/modifying schedule file/batch file by channel ID for each channel configurationís difference.

*  WFTS software detect channel ID for proper operation


Stoichiometry setting


*         Schedule file includes

*   Load control parameters

*   Constant current

*   Constant voltage

*   Constant power

*   Step current

*   Step voltage

*   Step power

*   Rest & Conditioning rest

*   Current , voltage range setting

*   Data sampling time

*   MFC/pump control parameters

*   Each stepís cut-off condition

*   Time

*   F-time

*   S-time

*   Current, voltage, power

*   Temperature control

*   External program control for impedance monitor

*   Memo


During experiment using schedule file or batch file, operator can change each deviceís parameters and/or change load control by manually.


Operator can stop experiment by pressing stop button or emergency stop button or click purge gasí solenoid valve icon.


When he/she loads schedule file or batch file for each channel and apply experiment condition by apply icon clicking then WFTS software control each device following defined parameters on first schedule file except load control.Load control is only activated when experiment is started and gas flow makes cell/stack voltage up. WFTS continuously monitors cell/stack voltage and only if the voltage is higher than setting value (on view cond voltage), it makes load control enable.


*         Event Logging

WFTS software records each event for history reviewing. Each logging file can be view on Data manager software.



*         Real Time Graphic Data Presentation

*  Predefined formats

*   Voltage vs. time

*   Current vs. time

*   Voltage vs. current

*  User defined X-Y-Y1 formats

*   User selects each axis parameters.


설명: ??-1

설명: gg


Data Manager Software


Independent data analysis program for WFTS software .

설명: dm

*         Multi Y axis graph

설명: ff

*  User selectable time base 4 Y axis graph

*  Any of measured parameters can be selected for each axis

*         Graph parameter selection

*   View mode selection: Result/schedule/cycle/step

*   Result Number selection

*   Schedule Number selection

*   Cycle number selection

*   Step Number selection

설명: rr-ŗ

설명: rr1

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 4th cycle, 3rd step selection

*         Axis & Plot configuration


*         Report

*   Reporting item selection

*   Data Report

*  Data deleting available

*  Export to Excel/Binary/Ascii format available

*  Log event sorting/searching††††††††††††††† Print-out format setting

*  Each log file is saved per channel and date