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Multichannel Potentiostat/Galvanostat

WMPG Software


    Charge/discharge Battery test

    Electrochemical Voltage Spectroscopy(EVS)

    Galvanic Intermitant time technique(GITT)

    Tafel Plot



    OCV measurement

    Zero resistance Ammeter(option)

    Linear polarization




    Square Wave Voltammetry (option)

    User defined techniques

    32bit multi-tasking
    Tool bar: quick access for easy operation
    WYSIWYG graphics
    User friendly software

Virtual control panel........

BCO(Button click operation); User can do any task  with just clicking the button: NO MENU SELECTION
Easy assignment of cycle test condition file to channel with combo box selection at anytime.
Synchronized change function of cycle test condition file for selected multiple channels.
Real time dual channel(V & I) strip chart display for selected channel or for all running channels with  time scrolling mode or whole window mode.
Status bar displays channel status.
Booking running channel stop function by time, cycle number, step etc.
Various task function: run, stop, suspend, moving step etc..
Spying the contents of test program which assigned to channel

Test Program

    Multichannel Potentiostat/Galvanostat  WMPG series

    One stop test condition creation/modification


Parameter mixed input system
Unlimited number of test steps
Control values are  voltage, current, power, load, rest, C-rate, current scan, voltage scan, conditioning potential, voltage step, current step, rest conditioning, Last I, Last V, OCV.OcvScan
Step flow are defined by next step, Loop and cycle
Cut-off conditions can be set by;
time, voltage, current, dV/dt, dI/dt, percentage capacity(FCC, FCD, LCC, LCD), cycle time, capacity, -dV, power, temperature, Aux voltage, Calc voltage, dT/dt, OCV

Data sampling condition by each step : time, dV/dt, dI/dt, dT/dt, dV2/dt
And/Or logic in cut-off condition setting

Simple Monitor

    Real time display: time, voltage, current, channel status
    channel status color display: charging, discharging, standby, idle, calibration
    Always activated window(This widow does not hidden)
    Can be located outside of main program window.

Detailed Monitor


displayed test data: status, running time, step number, cycle number,  step time, current range, current, voltage, capacity, power, energy, Aux V, Calc V, temp, cycle file name, data file name,  file size.
Detailed monitor type selection: All channels, running channels only, grouped channels
Activated character only for running channels.


    Classification/Grouping each channels by users purpose
    Labeling each group by operator name, chemistries etc.
    Group monitoring available by this setting.


    Multiple plot format

    General graph

    Plot overlay: Max. 10 plot
    Universal Graphics: Any combination of X,Y,Y1 axis parameters
    Automatic updating plot with reloading button for running channel data
    Automatic/Manual scale and polarity selection for each axis
    Cross hair pointer by mouse click/arrow key displays coordinate values
    Mouse zooming
    Text insertion on graph
    Copy to Clipboard  for usage in other application software
    Slope calculation
    Grid On/Off and dot/line selection
    ASCII file conversion of graph data only
    Parameter change without reloading the data file
    Data set On/Off: Data can be visible or invisible by selecting/ deselecting the data set.


    General data report
    Cycle data report
    Step data report
    Capacity data report
    Calibration data report
    Test program report
    Automatic documentation; running time,Test memo, operator name, weight, test I.D etc.


    4 points calibration for voltage and each current ranges
    Check-out function with calibrated data for confirming accuracy
    Calibrates a channel while other channels are running
    To prevent mis-calibration, error warning displays when error happens.
    Linear calibration for + & - polarity with one procedure
    Store & Backup calibration data


    Create Potentiostat/Galvanostat mode or potentiostat mode test program file(Dual mode)
    ASCII file conversion(TAB,comma,space delimited) of general data, cycle data, capacity data and step data
    Maximum file size: 2GB
     Split general data by cycle number
    Max. Data file name: 15char + channel number(3digit)

Software UPS function

    Function On/Off: User can turn on/off this mode
    When UPS function is activated, any assignment on virtual control panel is memorized at closing the program.


    Double safety check: Automatically stop the test run if the voltage /current/ temperature exceed the hardware specification or saftey  limit setting value on test program
    Fail function: If the measurement value is different from control value, the test is stopped by fail check function in order to protect the cell and/or system failure.
    Each channel has its own fuse to protect over current or voltage
    While any channel is running, operator could not close the server program
    Automatic cell mount detection


     Closing function of all activated windows
     Dual time input mode(9999sec or hh:mm:ss)
     Independent server program
     English version & Korean version available

Inquiry: sales@wonatech.com