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DC data Analysis Software IVMAN


IVMANTM software package consists of

*  IVMAN software

*  IVMAN utilities

*   differential analysis(battery analysis)

*   Extractor

*   peak find module

*   Harmonic analysis

*   Tafel analysis


*        Free for WonATech’s data format(*.sdo,*.sde,*.wdf, *.rfd) analysis (No license code required)


*         IVMAN main software

*  Feature

*   Electrochemical analysis software

*   Ideal for DC corrosion data analysis and
electro-analytical data analysis

*   Initial guessing function on Tafel analysis

*   Automatic Tafel fitting

*   Polarization Resistance fitting

*   3D graph

*   Find peak function

*   Interpolation, differentiation, integration etc

*   Reporting function


*  Screen shots

Polarization resistance fitting  Polarization analysis result


Time graph                                    Find peak menu


CV graph                                         3D graph


Edit data menu                               Universal graph


*         IVMAN Diff. Software

*  Feature

*   Battery test data analysis

*   Electrochemical voltage spectroscopy (dQ/dV vs. V)

*   Voltage vs. capacity analysis (V vs. Q)

*   Cycle graph (Q vs. cycle)

*   Differential voltage graph(dV/dQ vs. Q)


*  Screen shots



Measured data                              V vs. Q


Cycle graph                                   dQ/dV vs. V


dV/dQ vs. Q                                  Export ASCII file

*         Extractor

*  Extracting data by cycle number or step

*  Exporting ASCII file



*         Peak Find Module

*  Independent peak finding software


*         Tafel Analysis Module


Tafel analysis                              Tafel analysis result