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High Power type WBCS3000HP
Automatic Battery Charge/Discharge Test System

*         Application

*   For over 400Watt per channel

*   High power Battery Test

*   Super capacitor Test

*   Fuel Cell Test

*   Electroplating,Electrosynthesis,Electrolysis

*   Pulse charge/discharge; option

*   Slave channel Type

*   Various Safety protection

*   Other Electrochemical Experiment available

*   Universal Graphic function

*   And more & more …….


*         Feature


*  Potentiostat/galvanostat circuit

*   No switching time (charging to discharging, discharging to charging)

*   Analog feedback control to keep constant voltage & current

*   Capability of electrochemical experiments by controlling voltage versus reference electrode for positive voltage polarity only.(For +/- voltage range application, choose WMPG series multichannel potentiostat/Galvanostat)


*  High precision

*   16bit(0.0015% full scale) ADC, DAC

*   1 or 3 current ranges (automatic/manual selection) or one current range depending on power

*   MOSFET type linear power supply circuit.

*   Shield cell cable to prevent EMI noise


*  Safety

*   Unique “Fail check” function: Automatic stop when measured value is different from control value by battery failure or wrong cell connection etc. => To protect system and cell.

E.g. Control value: 1Amp Measured value: 500mA then automatic stop the channel

*   System safety parameter: If the measured value is over system specification, Automatic stop the running channel

*   User defined safety condition setting: User can input safety level following test cell’s chemistry.

*   Automatic cell connection check: Before experiment, if the cell voltage value is near 0Volt, program gives the warning message for the operator to check the cell connection.

*   If operator did press stop function button by mistake, confirmation message box appears.

*   To prevent over current, poly-switch is located in each channel

*   Watchdog function: Stop “running channel(s)” on communication Failure.

*   While any channel is running, operator could not close the server program

*   If main program was down by unstable operating system, independent server program keeps the experiment (control & data acquisition) without dead time.


*  Maintenance & System expansion

*   Independent slave channels

*   Easy expansion by adding slave channels with 8channel controller

*   Each channel has Poly switch instead of fuse.


*         Option

*  Auxiliary voltage & Temperature measurement

*   User can assign any temperature input or auxiliary voltage input to single or multiple channel(s) data set by his/her demand.

*   Customized auxiliary voltage range and temperature range is available.


*         High power type Channel Power Limit

*   Max. power per channel (Power= Max. voltage x Max. current x 2)
- WBCS3000HPDual : Max 400 Watt per channel
- WBCS3000HPL : Max 800 Watt
- WBCS3000HPM : Max 1.5 kWatt
- WBCS3000HPH : >1.5 kWatt

*   Max. current : Max. 400A depending on system

*   Max. voltage can be selected within ±40V.


*         Inquiry: sales@wonatech.com

For lower current

             *       Low current type WBCS3000L(Max. current: 10mA or 100mA)

*        Standard power type WBCS3000S(Max 50Watt per channel)

*        Mid power type WBCS3000M1(Max. 100Watt per channel)

*        Mid power type WBCS3000M2(Max. 200Watt per channel)

*        Mid Power type WBCS3000Dual(Max. 400Watt per channel)


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